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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to buy Horticulture Plants?
  2. - Krishibazaar provides you accurate landing cost for Horticulture plants by using location services. You have to enter your pincode while viewing a product in Horticulture Plant category.
  3. Unable to checkout while buying Horticulture Plants?
  4. - The user has to ensure that he/she enters the same pincode entered while viewing a product in horticulture plant category. Minimum order quantity varies as per the location of the user.
  5. Can an Order be placed on Call?
  6. - Yes. A customer who is unable to place an order online can call on 7887880887 and place order. But the seller has to send us his/her Aadhar card for address proof, email address and contact details via Whatsapp or email.
  7. How do bulk and high weighing products get delivered?
  8. - Products weighing more than 10KG will be sent through transport services after receiving advance payments. The customer has to collect the shipment from the nearest road transport service. The cost for the same has to be paid by the customer himself.
  9. Do electrical products include installation cost?
  10. - None of the products sold on Krishibazaar carry installation cost. The customer, after buying has to get it done by an electrician available in his/her area.
  11. How much time does it take for refund process?
  12. - Krishibazaar does not provide facility to return a product once delivered. However, in case of a product not getting delivered due to customer’s unavailability, the amount, after deducting delivery charges would be returned in 10-15 working days.
  13. Does Krishibazaar provide any dosage prescription for fertilizers and crop protectors?
  14. - All the products have dosage written on them which is provided by the seller. Krishibazaar provides information shared by the seller while uploading products. No guarantee of results is provided for the same.
  15. Does Krishibazaar manufacture products sold on the website?
  16. - Krishibazaar does not manufacture, trade or stock any of the products sold on its website. It is a marketplace and serves as a medium to facilitate business between seller and the buyer.