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Rain Pipe Installation Process Guidance.

Rain Pipe Installation Process Guidance.

Rain Pipe Installation Process Guidance.


It is a type of spray irrigation technology. This system comprises of drip holes made with Nano punching technology so that there is a uniform flow of water. It is suitable for closely spaced crops, Vegetable Crops, onion, vegetable crops, leafy vegetables, groundnut etc.

When this system by rain pipe is placed on the ground, the water through it moves upward into the air and then falls in the form rain droplets on leaves to irrigate them. At an average the water spreads around 5-7 ft on both sides depending upon the water pressure.

The other advantage of using this system is that its holes are less clogging, needs only very low water pressure to work, sometimes it doesn’t even need an electric power or any kind of energy in a small area irrigation by putting a 50 gallon tank up on a 2-3 meter high rack as the water supply. Farmers in some parts have been successful in providing fertilizers through the rain pipe system as well.

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Rain Pipe Installation Process:
  • Prepare clips for water connecting hose
  • Flatten and the hose, then prepare a sharp cutter
  • Cut the hose along the shape of clip and one end along the clip guide
  • Insert the bottom through the hole cut and assemble the gasket and saddle on the top of hose as picture shown.
  • Fasten the adapter with o-ring for connecting additional valves and couplers
  • Rainpipe - PVC Pipe Connection

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