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Start black tomato cultivation in India, you too do it and get profit

Start black tomato cultivation in India, you too do it and get profit

Start black tomato cultivation in India, you too do it and get profit


Have you ever heard of black tomato? This tomato, which has an exclusive look in itself, is not infamous because of its black color, but people take it by hand. In English it is called Indigo Rose Tomato. Its biggest feature is that it is also used in the treatment of cancer. Apart from this, this tomato is also effective in fighting many diseases.

Black Tomato aka Black Tomato, which is called Indigo Rose Tomato in English, is now going to be cultivated in India as well, in fact, the first nursery of Black Tomato or Indigo Rose Red was prepared in Europe. Seeds of indigo rose red and purple tomatoes were mixed together to produce a new seed, producing a hybrid tomato.

Its seeds can be ordered by purchasing online. The cost of a packet of seeds is Rs 110, which contains 130 seeds. Thakur Arjun Choudhary of Solan district of Himachal Pradesh is a seed seller. Black tomato seeds are available at Arjun Chaudhary.

Plants are sown in the winter months of January and the farmers start getting black tomatoes in the summer months i.e. March-April. According to the farmers, "its special thing is that sugar and heart patients can also eat it." It is black on the outside and red on the inside. It is neither too sour nor too sweet to eat it raw, its taste is like salty.

Let us tell you that this is the first time that a tomato is considered good for the skin. Scientific studies have found that it is effective in fighting many diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, cholesterol etc. In addition, it is also very good in increasing eyesight. This black tomato also has a special contribution in protecting the liver, reducing the level of blood pressure.

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