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How to control jassid in cotton crop

How to control jassid in cotton crop

How to control jassid in cotton crop


The cotton jassid sucks sap from the underside of leaves and leaf buds. When jassids are abundant, cotton growth is stunted, the leaves turn downwards and heavy fruit loss may occur on pre flowering plants. Leaves turn pale and a rust red colour develops at the edges. During a severe attack, leaf shedding occurs.

The jassid attacks cotton plants throughout the year and lays its eggs in soft plant tissue. Cotton jassids are more active during the hot periods of summer and can also live on other plants, like potato, chilli, brinjal, okra and ornamental plants. Management

Natural enemies:

  • Predatory bugs like ladybird beetles and spiders will attack jassids. Do not kill these natural enemies when you see them!

Cultural control:

  • Clean cultivation: avoid excessive use of fertilizer (no more then 3-4 bags of urea) as jassids will be attracted to crops higher in nitrogen, as they will be tastier Grow cotton from 15 April to 31 May to escape jassid attack

Chemical Control:

  • Use seed treatment (imidacloprid 70ws @10gm/kg seed) at the time of sowing
  • In biological control, use 1 liter of Neem oil at the rate of 3000 ppm per acre.

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