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Mangosteen can be grown in India

Mangosteen can be grown in India

Mangosteen can be grown in India


History of Mangosteen

Mangosteen Fruit, which is also called as purple mangosteen, is a slow-growing tropical tree, with a pyramid-like crown. The Scientific Name of Mangosteen is Garcinia mangostana. It is an exotic evergreen tree praised all around the world for its beautiful juicy and purple fruits, with a sweet-sour taste. The fruit is a native to Southeast Asia. The History of Mangosteen goes to the extent of saying that Queen Victoria was so fond of the fruit that she would even award a knighthood to the person who bestows her with fresh stocks. To all our surprise, it is also found in India

Know the various elements involved in growing Mangosteen


The fruit is tropical and requires a moderate climate. It needs high humidity, and average temperature that ranges between 5- 35° C. The fruit can do well in average rainfall, but long droughts can affect the productivity of the tree.


Mangosteens can do well under shade also. Unlike the fully-grown trees, the young plants may not be able to survive in direct sunlight. So keep your plants under shade or in a spot where they get indirect or filtered sunlight. On average, the plants need up to 13 hours of sun exposure every day.

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