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Keep these things in mind to increase soil fertility

Keep these things in mind to increase soil fertility

Keep these things in mind to increase soil fertility


Kanpur Countryside. Most farmers have harvested maize, after harvest, farmers burn crop residues rather than manage them well, while making manure from crop residues can increase the fertility of their fields. Babul (28 years), a farmer from Barry Dariyav village, about ten kilometers north of Kanpur Dehat district headquarters, sowed ten bigha maize this time.

After the crop of moss was ready, its stalk was burnt in the field itself. Babylon explains about this, "We take the field on us and those who are supposed to leave us in the month of June-July, if we get the field for the next year, we do the cleaning, if not get the stems of maize They burn it in the field itself.Most farmers harvest the crop with the harvester, leaving more of the stem of the crop in those areas. After the harvesting of Zayed crops, the farmers burn it, due to which neither the crop residue remains useful, as well as the fertility of the soil of the farm is reduced.

Vinay Kumar Mishra, director of the Central Soil Salinity Research Institute, Lucknow, says, "Farmer crops like maize, wheat, paddy etc. are left in the field. In this case crop residue should not be burnt. Burning has harmful effects on the carbon and bacteria present in the soil. "

When dung manure is not available, proper management of crop residue should be done. Fertility of the field is also increased with the arrival of other crops along with wheat.

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Source: GaonConnection