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Gardening Growers

Gardening Growers

Gardening Plant Growers substances may be either synthetically produced or obtained from Biological derivatives. Gardening Plant Growers are effective in improving the crop

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It is Cost Effective product with best control of Thrips, whitefly, jassid, aphids, Leaf hoppers Leaf miners, Scales etc. Can be used on Vegetables Fr..


Active Powder (Verticillium Lecanii)

Active ( Verticillium lecanii) is fungi which eliminates the insects like, mava, tudtude, white fly, mealybug ,thrips, mites, wooly aphid (Lokari..


Agrow Shakti Soil developer

Agrow Shakti Soil developer : A 100% Organic product mined in the USA. A natural occurring material not subject to any kind of processing. This carbo..

All Rounder (VBL)

All Rounder (VBL)

There is food for the whole growth of the crop. This is an all-rounder It can be sprayed on the plant as well as in the soil but by treatment it is n..


Azoto (AzotoBactor)

Better crop growth and seedling establishment, increases crop yield by 15-20%, reduce N. fertilizers by 25 % VBL Azoto (Azotobactor) It is one of t..


Decomposting Culture (VBL)

Benefits : Decrease the Weeds Decreases the pesticides residue from the soil Control the diseases Organic growth regulator Direction for us..


Fasitri Bio Fungicide liquid

It is good combination of active bacteria, Fungus & yeast, very nutritive & disease resistance Results for all type of crops, vegetables, f..


Fasitri Bio Fungicide powder

It is good combination of active bacteria, Fungus & yeast, very nutritive & disease resistanceResults for all type of crops, vegetables, fruit..

Flowering Fertilizer / Booster

Flowering Fertilizer / Booster

Katyayani Flowering Fertilizer / Booster : It is a new Technology Organic Flowering Fertilizer / Booster . It comes with additional package containin..

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