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Growth Promoters

Growth Promoters

Plant Growth Promoters  substances may be either synthetically produced or obtained from Biological derivatives. Plant Growth Promoters are effective in improving the crop

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4G Granules(Greenstar)

4G Granules(Greenstar)

Benefits: Uniform growth of lateral roots. Easy uptake of nutrients by plant. Increase water holding capacity of soil. ..


5 Star H.D. (Greenstar)

Benifit: Accelerating germination Controlled the soil pH & increase the water holding capacity. Improves uptake translocati..


Dhamaka (Greenstar)

Dhamaka is one of the excellent liquid product for grapes, cotton and all type of vegetables. Advantages: Increase/improve Auxins, Gibberellin, a..

Double Power (GreenStar)

Double Power (GreenStar)

It is used to Growth of Crop, Cotton, Vegetable, Wheat, Pulses & Also Increases the weight of fruit it is help in to Stop fungal diseasesDose..

Double Power Granules (GreenStar)

Double Power Granules (GreenStar)

It is used to growth of crop & also increases the weight of fruit. It is help in to stop fungal diseases. Dose:- 8Kg/Acre ..

Drip Clean (Greenstar)

Drip Clean (Greenstar)

Function: Drip clean is a research product. Drip clean help to utilize maximum fertilizers and increases crop yield. Drip clean working as a pla..


SPARK- Biostimulant(Greenstar)

Instantly change in plant growth & also increasing in size, quantity & quality of flower & fruit. Spark gives the excellent result in fina..

Star Zyme (Greenstar)

Star Zyme (Greenstar)

Star Zyme is a Plant growth regulator. It is liquid an extract made from seaweed. It is Biotechnological research Product. Benefits: It prom..

SUPER JADOO  (GreenStar)


It is in all type of crop for growth as well as size, shapes, sweetness & quantity of fruits. Fast Growth Promoter Dose- In vegetable 1gm/150Lit ..

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