Organix Humic Fertilizer Liquid

Organix Humic Fertilizer Liquid

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Organix Humic Fertilizer Liquid is New organic fertilizer.

  • Stimulates plant growth (increased biomass production), Increase Yield and improves quality of plants, Improves nutrient uptake through the leaves and roots and the effectiveness of pesticide, Reduces nutrient losses.
  • Stimulates growth and proliferation of desirable soil micro-organisms as well as algae and yeasts, Stimulates root growth.
  • Potassium humate is applied in the form of a Spray Material (0.008-0.1%) by presowing seed treatment and foliar treatment of plants during the growing season, presowing treatment is compatible with seed dressing.
  • It makes the soil more workable and Increases aeration of soil & water holding capacity. It also improves seed bed & Reduces soil erosion, Increases buffering properties of soil.
  • Packing : 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml.
  • Crops : All Types of Vegetables and Fruits, Sunflower, Cotton, Pulses, Rice, Corn, Natural Hayfields & Pastures.
  • Direction of Use :


    • Preparation of the Spray Material : 400 ml per 300 L of water
    • Spray Material Discharge : 300 L per 1 Hectare
    • Stages of the Spraying:
      1. Emerging crops – appearance of the 3-4 leaf.
      2. Flowering paniculation
      3. With 12-15 days interval
  • Result : Increase of the crop capacity up to 15% to 60%

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