Active liquid (Verticillium Lecanii)

Active liquid (Verticillium Lecanii)

Brand:Vidarbha Biotech Lab
Data500 ml & 1000 ml
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Active ( Verticillium lecanii) is fungi which eliminates the insects like, mava, tudtude, white fly, mealybug ,thrips, mites, wooly aphid (Lokari Mava) on Sugarcane etc.

VBL - Active (Verticillium Lecanii) Verticillium Lecanii also the Entomopathogenic Fungi which controls the sucking pests of crops namely Aphids,Jassid. Thrips, White Fly. Mites. Wooly Aphid and Pyrilla on sugarcane & also scale insects in all types of crops & plants.

Mode of Action: When spores and Mycelia of this fungus come in contact with the insect skin they germinate and enter into the inner body. The fungi multiply and kill the insects effectively within 4-7 days of treatment spray.

Suitable Crops: All crops. Grapevine. Citrus, Vegetables. Ornamental plants. Medicinal plants etc.

Dosage: Use 60 ml or 60 gm Active in 15 I& of water for spray during morning /evening hours. Wonder Thunder & Active can be sprayed by mixing in each other to save the expenditure of labor.

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