Bioferti All (VBL)

Bioferti All (VBL)

Brand:Vidarbha Biotech Lab
Data8 kg
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Biofertility All granules are the perfect food to put in the soil Is. This is 8 per acre (& for all crops, fruit trees, vegetables and Necessary for the growth of flowers. These include seaweed, humic, Amino acids, fruit acids, biostimulants and organic You can use this as a basal dose of manure, compost, Also used with vermicompost and nimchura and other fertilizers Comes.


Increases germination, vigorous growth as well Increased ability to absorb nutrients of white roots The number increases. This leads to the growth of chlorophyll and micronutrients The availability of Chi increases the color, shape, taste of the crop, fruits (Sugar content) and improves quality.

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