NPK 20:20:20 with Mix Micro Nutrients and Organic Humic Acid

NPK 20:20:20 with Mix Micro Nutrients and Organic Humic Acid

Brand:Katyayani Organics
DataNPK 20:20:20(400gm),Micro Nutrients(10gm),Humic Acid(50gm)
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NPK 20:20:20(400 gram) with Mix Micro Nutrients(10 gram) and Organic Humic Acid(50 gram)

It is a 3 in 1 is cost effective new technology product , comes with 2 additional packages along with NPK , special concentrated mix micronutrients and organic Activated humic acid.

Contains all the required nutrients for Plants. It has Micro Nutrients Nitrogen Phosphorous Potassium : (20%) In NPK 20:20:20 - Concentrated Micronutrients which gives proper controlled growth. along with organic humic acid which increases Root density. The combination enhances flowering fruit vegetable of plant. These 3 together gives tremendous results on field.

Concentrated Mix micronutrients contains all the micro nutrient which a plant needs it includes iron manganese zinc boron molybdenum copper etc. ORGANIC HUMIC ACID enhances overall growth of plants by promoting root growth and strength Which IF USED WITH NPK WILL GIVE tremendous GROWTH IN PLANT.

NPK 20:20:20 Nitrogen is essential for vegetative growth in stems and roots particularly during the early stages. Potassium is essential for bud growth and ripening of fruits and vegetable. Phosphorous is essential for root growth seed and for flower formation. The Organic bio fertilizer powder is 100% water soluble.it can also be used for plant hydroponics.

For home garden and Nursery and also for agricultural purposes.

Application : It can be sprayed with appropriate dosage along with water.

Dosage :

  • NPK 20:20:20 : 30 gram per 15 litre water
  • Humic Acid : 10 gram in 15 litre water
  • Mix Micro Nutrients : 2 gram per 15 litre water

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