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Mipatex HDPE Flat Rain Pipe

Mipatex HDPE Flat Rain Pipe

Brand:MIPA Industries
DataLength - 100 Meter
  • ₹1,099.00

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Mipatex HDPE Flat Rain Pipe : 100 Meter

HDPE flat pipe or geo tube is a flexible pipe made of HDPE woven laminated reinforced fabric. HDPE flat lay pipe is suitable in agricultural activities for water conveyance where the geographical area is rough or uneven. Mipatex HDPE flat pipe is the more economical alternative for water conveyance in a remote area. HDPE woven laminated flat lay pipe is the most popular irrigation pipe option because they are lightweight and conveniently helping the farmer to convey water throughout there farm. They are more flexible, durable, lightweight, easy to handle, and economical.

Accessories : Male Adapter, Joiner, End Cap and Valve

Features :

  • Strong & Durable : Mipatex HDPE flat Pipe is more reliable and able to withstand more significant impact and puncture damage and resistant to all agricultural chemicals. It can be used out year-round, on any surface, in any weather.
  • Easy to Install : Mipatex HDPE woven multilayer flat pipes unique woven laminated and heat weld design make it extremely flexible and lightweight, easy to transport and installation in remote farm and uneven surface or other areas.
  • Compatibility : Mipatex HDPE multilayer flat pipes are compatible with all fittings and water pumps. Flat pipes can be used as counter-weight over the HDPE geomembrane pond liner to protect flutter during stormy winds.

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