Magic Flower Booster

Magic Flower Booster

Brand:Infinite Biotech Co
DataOrganic Flowering Stimulant
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Magic Flower Booster : (Organic Nano PGR, Flowering Stimulant, Flower Enhancer) is an Ideal flower booster for all indoor and outdoor plants in all soil conditions.

Magic Flower Booster is an ideal Organic 4G Flowering Stimulant having specialized hormonal content for flowering purpose

Magic Flower Booster is a combination of FA, AA and Specialty Botanical & Medicinal Plant Hormone enriched with Silicon and Protein Powder, that performs the best for flowering issues.

Magic Flower Booster – an ideal Organic solution for plants. This 4G Nano Flower Stimulator is formulated in such a manner that it improves flowering in terms of quality & quantity and prevent from immature flower shedding/ dropping and fruit dropping.

It prevents flower dropping, increase flowering that keeps the plat greenish, healthy and attractive, and hence works as yield enhancer. It helps to grow fast and more spectacular flowers that results into lush foliage, strengthened plants and shrubs that results into increased yield.


  • Better flower enhancer & Flower Stimulator.
  • Boost up the Immune system, Improves the Disease resistance.
  • Improves the Aging process in plants also known as the senescence.
  • Stimulates the Flower organisms and ensure healthy fruit set.
  • Improves Flower colour, uniformity and size.
  • It imparts original color and aroma to the flowers.
  • Improves the Fruit setting and provides healthy shining.
  • Improves post-Harvest storage life of flowers and Fruits.
  • Improves plant physiology resulted in good phenotypic traits.
  • Promotes the development of roots and better propagation of rootlets.
  • Increases resistance against insects & diseases and improves nutrient intake.

Available Packaging : Magic Flower Booster – 20 Gram (SP)

Crop Spectrum : All Crops Also very effective in green-houses/Glass-houses and Net-houses.

Dose : 2.5 to 3 Gram/ 15 litters of water, 20 Gram per 150 Litters of water.

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