Magic FungiX (Fungus Controller)

Magic FungiX (Fungus Controller)

Brand:Infinite Biotech Co
DataOrganic Fungicides
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Magic FungiX : A superior, powerful and 100% Natural Bio Fungicide.

A broad spectrum Organic fungicide, is a potent inhibitor of fungal growth, one of the most effective fungicides under preventive, curative and eradicant conditions. Magic FungiX is used to control all types of fungal diseases and make the plant ready to resist against fungal infection and bacterial attack.

Magic FungiX increases resistance power of plant against fungal diseases/ attacks. Magic FungiX Contains very potent active compound. Magic FungiX boosts the plant’s connate ability to fight against fungal diseases and helps to improve better quality and yield. It is having capacity of Rapid penetration in the plant. Reduces reproduction and induces mortality.

Target Disease : It effectively controls soil/air borne fungal diseases like fungal blight, rust, dieback, phytophthora, Pythium, rhizoctonia, fusarium, and root decay, root rot, wilt, tikka, rhizome dumping off, Downy Mildew, Anthracnose and other fungal disease.

Crop spectrum : Cereals, , Pigeon Pea and other pulses, vegetables and Melons, Coriander, onion, tomatoes, potato, chilly, capsicum, brinjal, ginger, lady finger, Fruits and Nuts, Grapes, Strawberry, Banana, mango, Raspberry, lemon, Oil seeds, Cotton, groundnut, mustard, Spice crops, Root/tuber crops, Sugar Cane crops, Fiber crops, Grasses and fodder, Tea, Sugarcane, Medicinal and aromatic, Ornamental, Floriculture crops, roses etc. Also effectively works in green-houses and Net-houses.

Active ingredients : Main ingredient as derivatives of castor oil enriched with natural wild plants and seeds extracts.

Mode of Action : Broad spectrum product can be used preventive, curative and eradicant. curative and preventive measure. This results in deterrence of fungi.

Methods of application :

  • Spraying : 200 Gram powder in 200 – 250 litters of water and spray on plants till they get drenched properly, Repeat the dose after 8-10 days if required (1 Acre).
  • Seed Treatment : Mix 1-2 Gram powder in small quantity of water and apply on 1 kg of seeds. Dry the seeds under shade over clean paper or gunny bag and than sow immediately.
  • Soil Treatment : Mix 200 Gram powder in 25 kg cow dung and use this in 1 acre.

Packaging : Available in 200 Gram, 400 Gram packet

Note : Do not mix with any other chemical pesticide or fungicide. For Agriculture Use Only. Keep out of children’s reach, Keep away from direct sunlight.

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