Magic Protector WF (White fly Killer)

Magic Protector WF (White fly Killer)

Brand:Infinite Biotech Co
DataOrganic Bio Herbal Pesticides
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Magic Protector WF : is a new generation environment friendly Bio Herbal Organic Pesticide which is especially designed to control over white fly and other insects of same kind. It is made using Indian Vaidik Technology.

Magic Protector WF is a combination of Herbal extracts with Oil of medicinal herbs (Non-Toxic) and Dissolving Agents. Magic Protector WF Contains very potent active compound. It acts effectively by enhancing the plants internal defence system and providing renewed vitality to the plant by increasing resistance of plant against attack of Whitefly.

Spray kills all stages of the insects. Also has a good inhibitory action and provides longer duration control. Having specialty characteristics of Rapid penetration within the leaf surface and immediate translaminar action. Reduces reproduction and induces mortality.

Crop spectrum : Fruits, vegetables & Melons, Oil seeds, Cereals, Spice crops, Root/tuber crops, Sugar crops, Medicinal and aromatic, Ornamental… Also works effectively in green-houses/ Net-houses.

Focused Ingredients : Concentrated Chili and other herbal Extracts.

Target Pest : White Fly and other insects of same kind.

Mode of Action : Repellent, Antifeedant, Deterrent. Fluid deposited on the upper surface gets translocated to the lower surface that results into provision of killing of white fly.

Dosage and Application : 50 Mili per pump (Spray). Simultaneous Foliar & Soil Application is recommended Repeat every 5-7 days interval. Couple of sprays are needed in 10-12 days span to get explicit control.

Packaging : Available in 500 Mili, 1000 Mili

Note : For Agriculture Use Only. Keep out of children’s reach, Keep away from direct sunlight.

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