Dolichos Bean Remik Seeds

Dolichos Bean Remik Seeds

Brand:Remik Agri Seeds Pvt. Ltd.
DataDolichos Bean Seeds : 250GM and 500GM
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Dolichos Bean Remik Seeds :

Description :

  • Variety : Dolichos Bean Vardan and Dolichos Bean Surti
  • Sowing Time : July To December.
  • Color : Greenish White.
  • First Picking : At 45-50 Days After Sowing.
  • Vigorous Viny Growth With Dense Foliage.
  • Pods 10-12 Per Inflorescence, 7-8 Cm Long.
  • Long Cylindrical Pods And Early Maturity.
  • Continuous Flushes Under Appropriate Management Practices.

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