Palak Remik Tandurasti Seeds

Palak Remik Tandurasti Seeds

Brand:Remik Agri Seeds Pvt. Ltd.
DataPalak Seeds : 500 Gram
  • ₹150.00

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Palak Remik Tandurasti Seeds :

Description :

  • Plant Are Tall And Vigours.
  • Suitable For Planting In All Season.
  • It Is Bolting Tolerant Variety.
  • Sowing Time : Sow Spinach Seeds Year Round Except January-February.
  • Sowing Distance : Plant To Plant - 3" Line To Line – 9".
  • Germination Percentage : 60 %.
  • Leaf : Uniform Green, Tender, Crisp, Smooth And Broad, No Red Pigmentation.
  • Cuttings : After 30 Days, Multiple Cuttings Can Be Taken.
  • Type : Superior Quality, Research.
  • How To Sow : Soil should Be Mixed With Well Rotten Cow Dung. Sow Seeds 3-4 Cm Deep In Raised Rows At Distance Of 9 Inches Between Two Rows. Water It Immediately And Then Water As Per Requirement. After Germination, Keep Only One Plant At One Place And Remove All Other Plants Just After Germination. First Cutting After 30 Days.

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