Geolife Growth Kit (Vigore + Tabsil)

Geolife Growth Kit (Vigore + Tabsil)

Brand:Geolife Group
DataPacking : Vigor-250 Gm + Tabsil-200 Gm
  • ₹1,225.00

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Geolife Growth Kit (Vigore + Tabsil) : Superior Organic Yield Enhancer

Description :

  • Geolife Growth Kit (Vigore 250gms + Tabsil 200gms) product For Complete Plant Development From Root Shoot Increases Immunity And Works Efficiently.
  • Vigore is a concentrated product for complete plant development from root to the shoot increases immunity and works efficiently in all crops.
  • It increase yield and quality to optimum level. Visible difference can be seen at all stages of crop and also it is suitable for organic cultivation. Suitable for All Crops.
  • An exclusive product for increasing the agricultural productivity both in qualitative and quantitative aspect. It aims to replenish the global food scarcity by increasing crop production in the available land.
  • Tabsil contains Highest percentage of ortho silicic acid. It is in Silicate Effervescent Tablet Form.
  • Frequent use of Tabsil FA gives immunity to the plant and hence reduces the chemical sprays which leads to residue free production.
  • Tabsil Accumulation on leaf surface limit fungal and insect penetration by acting physical barrier.
  • Tabsil FA is a 100 % water-soluble silicon nutrient which can be used for foliar application.

Dosage : Add Both the Pouches and Dissolve in 200 litres of water.

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