Bio SoilZ – for Soil

Bio SoilZ – for Soil

Brand:Biosoilz India Pvt Ltd
DataPack : 1 Litre
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Bio.SoilZ : Bio.SoilZ is a colorless, odorless liquid that stimulates the microorganisms in the soil to an aerobic metabolism through the application of specific and selective information.

Key Benefits :

  • Healthier plants
  • Less tillage (less soil compaction).
  • Better aeration.
  • Better water retention, thus less Erosion.
  • Active soil binds Co2.
  • Better availability of vital minerals.
  • Longer active growth period.
  • Improves soil fertility and its microbiological activity.
  • Promotes hormonal and antioxidant activity.
  • Improves plants nutrient uptake.
  • Stimulates root and plant growth, accelerates seed germination.
  • Reduces soil salinization.
  • Raises plants resistance to disease, heat and frost damage.
  • Fundamental increase organic matter.
  • Unlock bound up nutrients.
  • Significant increase in yield.
  • Regulate pH in acid and alkaline conditions.
  • Fight off harmful pathogens and bacteria that would otherwise invade the rhizosphere (the region of soil near a plant’s roots).
  • Break down organic matter and expose plants to beneficial nutrients contained in the soil.
  • By increasing the root’s surface area, by several hundred times, the organisms enrich the soil and increase nutrient uptake. In turn, the organisms release powerful enzymes into the soil that solubilize nutrients, such as organic nitrogen and phosphorus, foster growth, increase yields, and enrich the quality of all types of plants.

Composition : Energized Calcium Carbonate (with specific information), natural water.

Usage : 1 liters of Bio.SoilZ to be mixed with 100 liters of water for 1 Acre (or) 2.5 liters of Bio.SoilZ to be mixed with 250 liters of water for 1 Hectare of agriculture land.

Application : For best results spray Bio.SoilZ on the soil at 1 ltr./Acre or 2.5 ltr./ ha in prescribed dilution, 7-10 days prior to sowing or planting with adequate soil moisture.

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