Spiden waste decomposer

Spiden waste decomposer

Brand:Urvara Bio Science Pvt Ltd
Data100% Organic
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Spiden waste decomposer :
Details :
  • Spiden is 100% organic product that helps decompose organic matter in 25-30% less time. If added in soil, it helps loosen up soil and decompose organic matter in soil.
  • It has consortia of different microbes that secrete a variety of metabolites that degrade variety of substrates. Except for hard objects like coconut shells, animal bones, etc it can decompose most of organic matter including sugarcane thrash.
Dosing :

To be applied at 750 gm - 1 kg per 1000 kg of waste. Make a solution of the product and spray on layers of waste at interval of 15-18 days. Keep the waste covered by fine mesh or cloth to prevent entry of flies / insects for egg laying.

This product reduces compost making period by 25-30% depending on substrate (more cellulosic , more time).

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