Scale Up - Brassinolide and multi vitamins

Scale Up - Brassinolide and multi vitamins

Brand:Anand Agro Care
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Scale Up - Brassinolide and multi vitamins :

Description : Scale-up is a blend of Brassinolide and multi vitamins. It is useful in better development of Fruit Size.


  • Best high quality crop Stimulant based on Brassinolide.
  • To increase the size and Weight of Grape Berry.
  • It is used for better flower setting and reduce flower dropping.
  • Helps for uniform cell division which helps for uniform berry size.
  • Grape berries become crisp and shiny.
  • Increases Nutrient uptake.


  • Foliar Spray : 1 to 1.5 ml/liter.
  • Dipping (By Hand) : 1 ml/liter.
  • Dipping - (From Machine - ESS / VMA / Chima) : 600 gm/acre.
  • Soil application and Drip Irrigation : 1 to 1.5 ml/liter.


  • All Vegetables, Fruits and other Crops

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