Dr. Rich

Dr. Rich

Brand:Anand Agro Care
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Dr. Rich :

Description : Dr. Rich is very innovative product from Anand Agro Care which helps not only to maintain pH of spray solution but also it stabilizes their pH for longer period of time.


  • By the use of Dr. Rich, activity of pesticides, weedicides and other nutrients etc. will increased than normal.
  • It helps to reduce salt (Minerals), T.D.S. and E.C of water which also helps to make the nutrients available to plants easily.
  • It never retains any stains over applied area of plant.
  • It helps to maintain pH of tank mix solution during spray.
  • It is compatible with all type of chemical and organic inputs uses in agriculture.
  • This product can be used for the commercial industries to reduce pH, TDS and EC in waste water.
  • It is 100 % Eco-friendly product.


  • 0.5 ml per Liter water.

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