Boomtech Crop Health Booster

Boomtech Crop Health Booster

Brand:Greenovate Agrotech Private Limited
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Boomtech Crop Health Booster :

Description : Boomtech contains Potassium Humate, Amino acid With high content of organic carbon, Potash, proteins, Auxins and natural Nutrients.

Benefits :

  • Increase the yield and quality of the crop.
  • Enhance the flowering and reduce the flower drop.
  • Increase the chlorophyll content in the leaves leading to higher photosynthesis rate.
  • Increase the resistance power of the plant by strengthening the immune system.
  • Increase soil micro flora and improve the health of the soil.

Dosage :

  • Foliar Spray : 2 to 3 ml per LTR water ( repeat spray after 10 to 15 days for better Result)
  • Drenching : 2 to 3 Ltr through per acre.

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