Root Grow - Root Enhancer

Root Grow - Root Enhancer

Brand:Gujarat Greenchem Industries
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Root Grow :

Description : A uniform combination humate, fulvate, various micro elements, minerals and vitamins. Various field tests, crop cycle tests and research done to prove effectiveness of Root Grow.

Soil Benefits :

  • Boost Buffering capacity of soil.
  • Essential for healthy soil and effective soil enhancer.
  • Raise Moisture retention capacity.
  • Remediates radiation and other toxins in soil.

Roots and Crop Cycle Benefits :

  • Regulates PH in acidic or alkaline conditions.
  • Triggering rooting resulting in increased nutrient uptake.
  • Increases Microbial and Mycorrizal activity.
  • Accelerate seed germination and increase crop yield.
  • Maximize chelation of plant nutrients.

Leaf and Fruit benefits :

  • Maximize Photosynthesis and increase cell division.
  • Healthier foliage and fruit appearance.
  • Thicker, enlarges and balances the leaf growth.

Recommended Dosage :

  • Foliar Application: 1-2 ML / 15 LTR OF WATER(PUMP).
  • Drip Irrigation: 1 LTR Per Acre.
  • Seed Treatment: 15-20 ML / 1 Kg of seed.

Application : 1 LTR per acre in difference of every 15-20 days stating from seed to fruit stage.

Composition: 20% Dry basis total dissolve solid agro chemicals w/w to prepare 100% Net formulation, which includes Humic Acid, Alginic acid, Fulvic acid, Micro Elements and PGR traces.

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