Spinach, Bottle Gouard and Bitter Gourd Seed (Combo Pack)

Spinach, Bottle Gouard and Bitter Gourd Seed (Combo Pack)

Brand:Gro Golden - Nandi Seed Crop
DataCombo Pack of Vegetable Seeds
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* Spinach Seed: Desi spinach is best known for its lavish leaf size “bade patte ka palak’’. Very adaptable with climactic and demographic conditions. It fulfils all kinds of nutritional requirement.

  • Potting Medium: Rich compost mix soil
  • Pot Size: 6-8 Inches
  • Seed Placement: ½ Inch deep
  • Water Requirement: Well drainage, avoid overwatering
  • Sunlight: Bright Indirect Sunlight
  • Sowing Distance: 4 to 5 Inches
  • Sowing Time: Year around (Except Jan to Feb)

* Bottle Gourd Seed: (Lauki/Ghiya) Hybrid bottle gourd, is the best variety in current times. Fruit size will be cylindrical, colour will attractive green. Flowering appears in 30 to 35 days. First harvest can be done between 45 to 50 days. Average fruit height will be approx. 30 cm to 35 cm.

  • Potting Medium: Manure and coco peat rich mixture
  • Pot Size: 14 inches
  • Seed Placement: 1 – 2 inch deep
  • Water Requirement: Lots of water, maintain moisture
  • Sunlight: Open & Sunny area
  • Sowing Distance: 1 plant per pot of 14 inches
  • Sowing Time: Ideally summer and monsoon (20 degree to 35 degree)

* Bitter Gourd Seed: (Karela) Quite famous variety in current times, which will produce a glossy & spiky green bitter gourd. Which will be 5 to 6 “cm”, fat in middle, weighing about 35 to 40 grams each. First harvest will begin between 45 to 50 days

  • Potting Medium: Manure rich soil
  • Pot Size: 16 inch Seed Placement: 1-2 inch deep
  • Water Requirement: Regular watering
  • Sunlight: Sunny warm place
  • Sowing Distance: 12 inch apart /30 cm apart
  • Sowing Time: March to Oct (25 degree to 30 degree)

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