Sarpan F1 Tambi Hybrid Baby Capsicum Seeds

Sarpan F1 Tambi Hybrid Baby Capsicum Seeds

Brand:Sarpan Hybrid Seeds Co. Pvt. Ltd.
DataPack : 10 GRAM
  • ₹530.00

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Sarpan F1 Tambi Hybrid Baby Capsicum Seeds :

Product Details :

  • The size of the fruits remains the same from the first to the last harvest.
  • Tall and straight plant.
  • Baby capsicum, dark green and spicy.
  • High resistance to pests and diseases.
  • It has a high market price and is suitable for long distance transportation.

Features :

  • Plant Height : 4-4.5 feet.
  • Shape : Bell Shape.
  • Seed Color : White.
  • Fruit Color : Dark green and tart.
  • Fruit Weight : 50-55 grams Fruit.
  • Maturity : 55-60 days after sowing.
  • Seed Rate : 100 grams per acre Or 13000 plants per acre.
  • Germination : 85%.
  • Harvesting : First picking 55-60 days after transplanting.
  • Spacing : Plant to plant distance 1 feet and row to row distance 3 feet.
  • Suitable Season : All year round.

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