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Mipatex PVC Biofloc Fish Tank (550 GSM)

Mipatex PVC Biofloc Fish Tank (550 GSM)

Brand:MIPA Industries
DataSize: Dia-2M x H-1.2M
  • ₹6,373.00

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Mipatex 550 GSM PVC Biofloc Fish Tank 2m, 4000ltr - Round Tarpaulin Sheet Aquaculture Farming, with Protection Cover (Blue)

Specifications :

  • Diameter - 2 meter
  • Height - 1.2 meter
  • Capacity - 4000 litre
  • Quality : 550 GSM
  • Material : PVC
  • Package Content : Biofloc Fish Tank with Protection Cover

Mipatex Biofloc Tank for Fish and Shrimp Farming, is made up of High Strength PVC Material, Leakage Proof, Lasts long.

Now do aqua farming at any place, Mipatex Biofloc tank brings you Round Shaped Tarpaulin Fish Tank for Indoor, Remote fish farming. Eco friendly aqua farming without damaging our environment and maintains cost to benefit ratio also.

Biofloc Tanks are currently the best human made resource to meet aquaculture demand without increasing the usage of natural water and other resources. Mipatex brings you the same.

Fresh and Healthy Aqua Food at very reasonable cost, Mipatex enables you to build up a system for the same using Biofloc Fish Tank.

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