Flower Up (Venus Agro Chemicals)

Flower Up (Venus Agro Chemicals)

Brand:Venus Agro Chemicals
DataPack : 100ML, 250 ML, 500ML
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Flower Up : Special Female Flower

Description : Growth and Flowering of non pre-cooled tulip bulbs were investigated. and it replaced the cold requirement of the bulbs. FLOWER-UP treatment is more effective for early flowering and flower stalk elongation. Auxin transport inhibitor FLOWER-UP in the culture medium significantly depressed lateral root formation of inoculated seeding. It has been observed that flowers appearing early has more proportion of female. Flowers are bi sexual flowers. Hence it is beneficial to have early flowering. But in some crops such as Cucurbita, watermelon, bottle gauds, bitter gaud. Early following is having more female flower and once, male flowers % and dominance is established no of female flowers are produce is very less under this condition.

Composition :

  • Vitamins : 0.5%.
  • Hi Protein : 0.7%.
  • Amino Acid : 0.5%.
  • L-Cystine : 0.59%.
  • Diluvant, Buffer, Stabilizer : QS.

Dosage :

  • 1st spray: 1ml/Liter water at 6 leaf stage.
  • 2nd pray: 1ml/Liter at flowering stage is beneficial.

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