Agri Max

Agri Max

DataPack : 500gm
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Agri Max :

Description : AGRI MAX is a scientifically prepared micronutrient mixture in powder form for foliar application. This contains all essential micronutrients required by plants for their growth and development. Agri MAX having major elements of Zinc which helps in plant hormone balance, Auxin activity & division of cells. ferrous assists in biological process, photosynthesis and chlorophyll synthesis. Boron helps in uniform ripening process and is essential in sugar transport and amino acid production. Manganese which activates enzymes and chloroplast production

Dosage : Dissolve 500 grams of Agri MAX in 200 liters of water or Dissolve 2-3gm in one liter of water spray on both side of leaves. Repeat the sprays at 15 days intervals.

Benefits: Improves photosynthesis in plants and entire plants will become greenish. It will overcome micronutrient deficiency in all crops. It contains both macro & micro nutrient along with plant Hormones. Application of Agri MAX improves and increases up take of nutrients available in soil. Improves disease resistance in all crops. Though required in a small quantity it increases yield both qualitatively and quantitatively. Repeated application with 15-20 days interval will keep crop in better health & growth. A different product among all general liquids with unique quality.

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