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DataPack : 10 KG
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Description : AMOGA+ is used to recover or to prevent the major micronutrient deficiencies in all field and horticultural crops. This is a free flowering crystalline powder with 12% Zinc. AMOGA+ is an activator of oxidizing enzymes and is essential for the synthesis of important growth hormones.

Dosage : 500 grams of Zinc EDTA is to be mixed with 9.5 kgs of inert material and apply to soil within 30 days of sowing or transplanting of crops.

Benefits: AMOGA+ plays a major influence in chlorophyll formation, photosynthesis, metabolic and energy process. AMOGA+ deficiencies are prevalent in almost all crops AMOGA+ is a chelated by special chelating agents and hence uptake of these nutrients is more compared to conventional micronutrients. Due to chelating agent these elements are slowly available to the plants for a longer period. AMOGA+ is versatile since it can be used for all crops and all kinds of soil. High pH conditions AMOGA+ stimulates plant growth promoters and enzyme activities in crops like cotton, chilies, vegetable etc. It helps in healthy crop growth and increases yield. AMOGA + controls Kharia disease in paddy, increases number of tillers, enhances grain settings and increases yield.

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