Rhizobium Bacteria (Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria)

Rhizobium Bacteria (Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria)

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Rhizobium is a genus of Gram-negative soil bacteria that fix nitrogen. Significant role of Rhizobium in fixing atmospheric nitrogen and hence enhancing soil fertility has been well established.

Plants belonging to the family leguminosae (Sub families casalpiniodeae, Mimosideae, Papilionideae and sewartzizeae)have symbiotic association with Rhizobium. In legume roots. Rhizobia are incorporated in root cells to form the N-fixing root nodules.

Dosage: Seed treatment : 250 ml for seeds needed for one acre

Soil application: 2 litres or 4 kgs/acre

Drip Irrigation: 2 litres or 4 kgs/acre.IRhizobium japonicum

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