Bhu Sanjivani (Venus Agro Chemicals)

Bhu Sanjivani (Venus Agro Chemicals)

Brand:Venus Agro Chemicals
DataPack : 1 Kg and 10 Kg
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Bhu - Sanjivani : Organic Granules for Soil Application

Benefits of Bhu - Sanjivani :

  • Accelerating germination.
  • Enchaining seeding vigor and roof growth.
  • Improving uptake and translocation of micro and macro nutrients.
  • Influencing enzyme systems.
  • Inducing early maturity.
  • Helping plants toresist drought.
  • Increases and develops the protection capacity in crops against diseases and worms.
  • Best quality and increased yield.

Composition :

  • Amino Acid : 1.5%.
  • Seaweed Extract : 1%.
  • Humic Acid : 1.5%.

Dosage : 8 t0 10 Kg per Acre.

Suggested Crops : All Vegetables, Horticulture Crops and Floriculture Crops.

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