Humishri Crystal - Potassium Humate 98%

Humishri Crystal - Potassium Humate 98%

Brand:Bhagyashri Agro Inputs and Systems Pvt. Ltd.
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Humishri Crystal - Potassium Humate 98% and Seaweed :

Benefits :

  • Humishri Crystal stimulates plant enzymes by acting as an organic catalyst.
  • Humishri Crystal increases root respiration and formation.
  • Humishri Crystal increases root length, improves nutrient uptake and accelerates cell division.
  • Humishri Crystal increases aeration of soil, increases water holding capacity and reduces soil erosion.

Recommendation :

  • Irrigation/Fertigation : 0.25 to 0.50 Kg per acre.
  • Foliar application : 5-10 gms/15 liter of water.
  • Seed soaking : 1gm/kg seed with sufficient water. The time of soak is determined according to the thickness of seed skin. In general it should be soaked 5-8 hours to reduce mortality rate.

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