Farmroot Verticillium Lecanii - 1 KG

Farmroot Verticillium Lecanii - 1 KG

Brand:Farmroot Agritech Pvt. Ltd.
DataPack : 1 Liter
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Farmroot Verticillium Lecanii (Granular) :

Description : Verticillium Lecanii is an insecticide, which effectively controls the sucking of pests in all types of crops like Aphid, Jassid, Thrips, Green Mosquito, White Fly, Maho, Mealybug, Brown Maho, Leaf Minor, and other insects.

Content : Verticillium Lecanii 1.15% W.P. (1 x 10^8 CFU/ml. min.)

Benefits : Kill crops damaging pests.

Target Crops : Banana, Papaya, Mango, Sapota, Pomegranate, Guava, Ber, Apple, Pear, Peach, Plum, Loquat, Almond, Cherry, Grape, Fig, Watermelon, Mu Cabbage, Cauliflower, Little gourd, Pointed gourd, Drum stick, Kidney bean, Lima bean.

Insects / Disease : Mealybug.

Mode Of Action : Spores comes in contact with pests which drains the nutrient supply and kills the pest.

Dosage : Add 4-5 ml in 1 liter of water and spray over infested plants.

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