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Nano Zingaat Capsule (Greenstar)

Nano Zingaat Capsule (Greenstar)

Brand:Greenstar Biotechnics Pvt. Ltd.
DataBased on Nano Technology
  • ₹600.00

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Function: Based on Nano Technology PGR

  • Bio Organic 4th generation Nano PGR Increases C/N metabolism of the plant.
  • Lead to increase growth of axons and dendrites.
  • Reducing stress in plant & Can give at any stages.
  • Gives fast effect such as greenery increases, size of the leaves, fruit increases. It controls total growth of the plant.

Crop: Almost for all the crops

Dose: 1 Nano capsule in 15 liters of good quality water and apply it using foliar spray.

Packing: 10 Capsule per bottle

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