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Viro Star (Greenstar)

Viro Star (Greenstar)

Brand:Greenstar Biotechnics Pvt. Ltd.
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Viro Star enters in the plant through the stomatal opening and is translocated in to the plant system through the vascular bundles virostar on entering the affected plant cell encapsulates the viron particles. It reduces the separation of virus particles in protein and nucles particles in the absence of food virus be comes in active. Virostar opens up the conductive tissues blocked by the movement of virus particles and plant cell starts to recover.


  • Virus vector control and damage (leaf curl) restore tonic.
  • Resists bad weather condition stays longer.
  • Rapid penetration in the plant even on waxy plant surface.
  • Rainfall after 4 hours of application has little impact on its efficiency.


  • 200 - 250 ml per acre (2 ml per litre water).
  • Repeat in 7 to 10 days interval. It is recommended also to control sucking pests which are vector of virus.

Packing: 250 ml, 500 ml.

Note: Keep away from children

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