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Pesto Raze and Balanstick

Pesto Raze and Balanstick

Brand:Kay Bee Bio Organics PVT LTD
DataPesto Raze-100ml and Balanstick - 100ml
  • ₹515.00

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PESTO RAZE is Bio-pesticide prepared by using Botanical extracts, which has contact, Partially systemic & fumigant actions on vast class of soft body insects. It has proven efficacy on Aphids, Jassids, Thrips & White flies which commonly attack Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, and Cereals & Pulses. It is more effective at lower temperatures. For best results, spray early in the morning or during late evening.

MECHANISM OF ACTION after spraying PESTO RAZE, the formulation penetrates the soft body surface of insects & excites the nervous system that causes rapid muscle contraction, leading to convulsion, paralysis & eventual death. PESTO RAZE is lethal for early stages of insects, demonstrating a fatal knock-down action on sucking insects. It helps to protect your precious crops & ensures their well-being. Pesto Raze is effective on all stages of insects Lifecycle such as eggs, nymph & adult. It also Damages the reproductive system of insects.

Balanstick:- Balanstick is silicon-based Organic Sticker, non-ionic, highly concentrated surfactant with great ability to spread and penetrate at rapid speed and vigour apart from balancing pH, which enables the spray to Rain fastener.


PESTO RAZE 1-2 mili/litre of water + Balanstick 0.5 mili/liter

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