Bio-Guard (Flavonoids and Terpenoids)

Bio-Guard (Flavonoids and Terpenoids)

DataPack : 250 ML
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BIOGUARD is herbal formulation, containing powerful herbal extracts of flavonoids and terpenoids.It is an excellent product to have check on powdery mildew and prevents buildup of soft body insects such as white flies and thrips.

  • Used for control of diseases like downy and soft body insects•
  • It enhances the capacity of crops to fight various diseases•
  • It is eco friendly as does not leave residue on soil

Recommended crops :

Cash crops, vegetable crops, fruit crops, flower crops, ornamental plants. (Ideal product for organic farming).

Dosage Recommendation: :

For Foliar spray:1-2 ml/litre of Water

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