Ajay VAM - Mycorrhizae Biofertilizer

Ajay VAM - Mycorrhizae Biofertilizer

DataPack : 200 GRAM
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Ajay VAM - Mycorrhizae Biofertilizer :

Description : Excessive use of fertilizers is leaving bad to worse impacts on the soil and water body environment. Therefore, the concept of using Ajay VAM fungi-based tissue culture based biofertilizer, in terms of cost effectiveness, energy saving and as environment friendly, is a promising perspective. The significance of Ajay VAM in augmenting food production is wide, therefore these can be used in sustainable agriculture. Mycorrhizae are the root-symbionts which obtain their nutrients from the plant and provide mineral elements like N, P, K, Ca S and Zn etc. to the host plant.

Great potential for field application to improve productivity of cereal, fruit and vegetable crops and suppress nematode and fungal infestations.

Benefits :

  • Improves plant root growth and development.
  • Increases the uptake and mobilization of phosphate in all crops. Increases and facilitate nutrient and translocation from the soil and root cuticle to Xylem & Phloem and providing elements like nitrogen, potassium, Iron, manganese, magnesium, copper, zinc, boron, sulphur and molybdenum.
  • Effective in overcoming the stress condition like drought, disease incidence and deficiency of nutrients.
  • Increases the immune power of the crop.
  • Ajay VAM supplement water absorption in root hair, hence prevents reduction in relative water content in crop cells and helps to overcome drought.

Recommended crops : Ajay VAM is suitable for all crops.

Dosage Recommendation: :

  • Soil application- For 1 acre land, Mix 100 grams of Ajay VAM with 50 kg compost or FYM and apply to an acre of soil. Apply at a depth of 3-5 cm.
  • Seed / Nursery bed- Mix 10 g / sq. mt. along with 1kg compost.
  • At planting time- 50 g / medium sized tree, 100 g / large sized tree.

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