Humicel (Concentrated Liquid Humic Acid Formulation)

Humicel (Concentrated Liquid Humic Acid Formulation)

Brand:Gassin Pierre Pvt. Ltd
Data100% Organic
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Humicel (Concentrated Liquid Humic Acid Formulation) : Active Ingredient: Humic and related acid 12% for Foliar and Soil Application.

Benefits :

  • It supplements Humic and related acids to plants or soils.
  • It acts as a growth stimulant by chelating major and minor nutrients.
  • In the absence of chelates in the soil Humicel acts as Chelating Agent.
  • It acts as Catalyst conditions in the soils.
  • It serves as an Osmoticum and drought.

Effects on Soil:

  • It stimulates soil Microbial activity such as Azotobactor and Rhizobium.
  • It increases water holding capacity and buffering properties of soil.
  • It improves the physical, chemical and biological environment of soil.
  • It reduces soil erosion.
  • It helps in forming excellent growing conditions for roots and shoots.
  • It increases soil aeration.
  • It helps in elongation and overall development of root system.
  • It encourages to retain water soluble inorganic fertilizers to root zones.
  • It enhances root respiration and development of root hairs.
  • It conserve moisture in both root and shoot and helps maintain turgidity.

Recommended Dose:

  • 0.5 L/Ha.

Time of Application :

  • Following each soil application of Macronutrients..
  • Incorporate with each foliar nutrient program..

Direction for use :

  • It can be applied to almost all agricultural crops and trees..
  • It is compatible with all most all conventional chemicals..
  • Harmful if swallowed..
  • Avoid breathing spray mist.

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