Dr. Bacto's Azo 5G - Paenibacillus Azotofixans

Dr. Bacto's Azo 5G - Paenibacillus Azotofixans

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Dr. Bacto's Azo 5G - Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria Paenibacillus azotofixans - CFU/gm (Minimum) : 1 × 10^11 CFU/gm.

Description : Dr. Bacto’s Azo 4K has nitrogen fixing bacteria that are agriculturally beneficial bacteria capable of fixing atmospheric nitrogen into fixed nitrogen compounds that are easily used by crops/plants.

Mode of action : These organisms utilize the enzyme nitrogenase to catalyze the conversion of atmospheric nitrogen (N2) to ammonia (NH3) which can be readily assimilated by plants.

Benefits :These bacteria biologically fix the atmospheric nitrogen and make it available for crops or plants.

Content : This packet contains two strips (each containing 5 capsules). One is having given bio fertilizer bacteria (active ingredient kit) and other is food kit (rich in nitrogen, carbon, vitamins, pH reducers, spreader etc.) required for better growth of these bacteria.

Dosage : 5 Capsules of Bio fertilizers (Active Ingredient) with 5 Capsules of food kit per acre.

Recommended Crops :For All Crops.

Packing Available : 20 Carton Box (Each carton has 10 capsules - 5 capsules of bio fertilizers and 5 capsules of food kit).

Mode and method of application : Mentioned in leaflet.

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