Geolife Nano Combi (Zn+Mn+Cu) - 50 Gram

Geolife Nano Combi (Zn+Mn+Cu) - 50 Gram

Brand:Geolife Group
Datacombination of Zinc + Manganese + Copper
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Nano Combi : Zn-16% + Mn-3% + Cu-3%

Description : It is combination of all the Micro nutrient (Zinc + Manganese + Copper) required to plants. It increase the crop yield by correcting micronutrient deficiency and ensuring better nutrient balance. Plays a major role in structure and functioning of cell walls. Enhances the development of fast growing tissues.

Recommended doses : Concentration of use 50 gram/ acre. One or two sprays per month, total no. of spray and concentration of use should be decided depending upon crop growth stage and nutrient require.

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