Geolife Nano ZN - 50 Gram

Geolife Nano ZN - 50 Gram

Brand:Geolife Group
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Geolife Nano ZN :

Description :

  • Zinc chelate is easily translocated within the plants, because unlike Zinc Sulphate it is partly systemic.
  • Zinc Sulphate reduced phosphorous uptake and the phosphorous content of the shoots in plants, while Zn-EDTA increased it.
  • Zinc EDTA available to plant system very quickly.
  • This is in contrast with Zinc from other sources which makes Zinc available very slowly, because a large quantity of such Zinc will be fixed in the soil.
  • High pH conditions, zinc from other sources may not be available to plant.
  • Zinc EDTA is versatile since it can be used for all crops and all kinds of soil.

Recommended doses : One or two sprays per month, total no. of spray and concentration of use should be decided depending upon crop growth stage and nutrient require. Concentration of use 50 gram/ acre.

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