Cromin+ Ammonium Polyphosphate NPK 10:34:00

Cromin+ Ammonium Polyphosphate NPK 10:34:00

Brand:Cropex Private Limited
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Cromin+ Ammonium Polyphosphate NPK 10:34:00

Composition :

  • Total nitrogen (All as ammoniacal nitrogen ) % by weight (min.) : 10.0
  • Total phosphorus (as P,O,) % by weight (min.) : 34.0
  • Poly- phosphorus (as P,O,) % by weight (min.) : 22.0

Crops : All Crops.

Dosage :

  • Foliar spray : 5ml per litre of water.
  • Root application : 10 ml per litre of water during the early establishment stage of crop growth.

Benefits :

  • Bioavailability of N and P nutrients are higher.
  • Excellent liquid phosphatic fertilizer.
  • Suitable for foliar and root application.
  • Can be mixed with other agrochemicals other than Copper, Zinc, Sulphate based compounds.

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