NK Easy+ Fertilizer - 100ML

NK Easy+ Fertilizer - 100ML

Brand:Cropex Private Limited
DataPack - 100ML
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NK Easy Plus Fertilizer - NPK Fortified With Calcium, Magnesium And Boron :

Composition :

  • Total nitrogen % by weight, min. : 6.0%
  • Nitrate Nitrogen as N % by weight min. :5.8%
  • Water Soluble potassium as K2O % by weight min. : 18.0%
  • Water soluble Calcium (as CaO), % by weight, min. : 5.0%
  • Water soluble Magnesium (as MgO), % by weight, min. : 2.0%
  • Boron as B : 0.5-0.8%

Crops : All Crops.

Dosage :

  • Field crops, Vegetables and Pulses : 4-5ml per litre of water.
  • Spices, Fruit and Flower Crops : 6-7ml per litre of water.

Benefits :

  • Contains dual nutrients calcium and boron important for fruits and vegetables.
  • Cures Calcium and boron deficiency in the crops quickly.
  • Increases uptake of other nutrients.
  • High Potassium content improves the quality and provides uniform shape and color to produce.

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