Active Plus - Micronutrients

Active Plus - Micronutrients

Brand:Bhagyashri Agro Inputs and Systems Pvt. Ltd.
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Active Plus - Micronutrients :

Benefits :

  • Active Plus provides organic nitrogen along with micro nutrients in chelated form, helps quick and easy absorption by the crop.
  • Active Plus plays an active role in respirator y function.
  • Active Plus helps to overcome stress conditions.
  • Active Plus helps to boost up energy metabolism in the plant.
  • Active Plus provides readymade and easily assimilable source of nutrition.
  • Active Plus helps to activate Phyto hormones and other growth substances in the crop.
  • Active Plus is useful to maximize growth and yield of crops by correcting micronutrient deficiencies like cotton, sugarcane, cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruit crops, floriculture etc.

Recommendation :

  • 1.5 to 2 gm of Active Plus in one liter of water for foliar application.

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