Yodha - Soil Conditioner

Yodha - Soil Conditioner

Brand:Pranil Agri Services LLP
DataPack : 5 LIter
  • ₹1,700.00

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Yodha - Soil Conditioner : Control Thrips, White Fly, Aphids and Red mites

Description : Yodha is a unique blend of Microbes and Enzymes which is beneficial for decomposing Soil Organic Matter. It is helpful in increasing the availability of minerals and nutrients to the plants from organic source which leads to minimize the use of chemical fertilizers. Microbes present in the product secrets acids from their body which helps in degradation of nutrients and minerals. It helps in activate microbial activity in the soil. It helps in enhancing biochemical reactions in the soil, which leads to increase the soil porosity. It helps in improving soil water holding capacity which helps in drought situations. It helps in maintain plant stability.

Method of Application and Recommend Dose : Dose – 2 ML / Liter

  • It can be applied directly as single product or along with any microbial solutions only through drip.
  • Recommended to use twice in a year for better soil health.
  • Mode of Application – Drip.
  • Application Dose : Drip – 5 Liter / Acre.

Storage :It is stable for a period of 3 years from the date of manufacturing if it is keeps under normal storage condition.

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