Albero - Plant Growth Regulator

Albero - Plant Growth Regulator

Brand:Pranil Agri Services LLP
Data100% Organic Plant Growth Regulator
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Albero - Plant Growth Regulator : Control Thrips, White Fly, Aphids and Red mites.

Description : Albero contains Protein Hydroxylate which leads to improve growth of crop. It helps in increasing in fruit setting in all fruit and vegetable crops. It helps in tolerance of biotic and abiotic stress tolerance. It also helps in increasing bunch size in Grapes and reducing flower dropping in Pomegranate.

Method of Application and Recommend Dose : Dose – 2 ML / Liter

  • It can be applied directly as single product during infestation and also along with any chemical insecticide or other PGN / PGR.
  • Recommended 3 to 4 times during the growth and development stage of the crop.
  • Mode of Application – Foliar.
  • Application Dose : Spray – 1 to 2 ML / Liter of Water.

Storage :It is stable for a period of 3 years from the date of manufacturing if it is keeps under normal storage condition.

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