Mittan Krishi Shakti – CSR Grow-Sure Microbial Consortium

Mittan Krishi Shakti – CSR Grow-Sure Microbial Consortium

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Data100% Organic Product
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Microbial Biostimulant Consortium based on CSR GROW-SURE Technology by ICAR :

Description : The organic microbial biostimulant consortium Mittan Krishi Shakti consists of salt-resistant microorganisms (can function in pH up to 9.34) that are advantageous to the plant and soil and devoid of synthetic and chemical fertilisers. In addition to raising the carbon content, it aids in restoring the soil to its original state. Each application lessens the need for pesticides, fertilisers, and other agricultural inputs. Our organic biostimulant medium can be used for 100% organic agricultural harvest because it is made from natural materials like cow dung, molasses, jaggery, and others.

The Phosphorus and Potassium solubilizing bacteria prevent salt accumulation because of excessive fertilizer use and improper irrigation methods, which would otherwise cause soil pH to rise and destroy the beneficial microbiome of the underlying soil making it barren over time. Additionally, the biostimulant naturally boosts the plant's ability to use nutrients (N.U.E), speeds up cell division, and lengthens cells, resulting in early fruit and flower set and decreased drop. Other types of bacteria found in our biostimulant function as hormone regulators, increasing their resistance to pathogens and abiotic stress. These bacteria may also help plant microorganisms colonies the soil more effectively by strengthening and lengthening root structures, which will increase NPK availability and fixation resulting in a healthy, green, robust, and dense flower, vegetable, fruit, and a totally organic crop even in salt affected soil with high pH.

Properties :

  • Improves soil health and water/nutrient absorption
  • Enhances root structure and natural growth of the plant
  • Reduces fruit/flower drop and promotes early ripening Improving quality and increasing yield
  • Builds tolerance to weather-induced stress
  • Builds tolerance to harmful bacteria and fungi
  • Solubilizes nutrients and regulates pH for fast and easy absorption
  • Saves time and effort by bringing beneficial bacteria in one bottle
  • Compatible with other plants and agricultural inputsZero residue, suitable for organic farming and export

Benefit :

  • Adds beneficial microorganisms to the soil and increases the carbon content
  • Unlocks the plant's growth potential & increases Nutrient Uptake Efficiency (N.U.E)
  • Gets the most return on your total input cost by reusing nutrients
  • Makes the plant more resistant to stress
  • Increases yield, shine, size and colour of the crop
  • Easy to use and completely safe 100% organic produce friendly

Usage: Seed Treatment, Soil Drenching and Foliar Application

Dosage: - 1% or 10 ml product per 1 litre of water for Soil Drenching and Foliar Application. For Seed Treatment: 1 ml product + 100 mL water per 1 Kg of seed

Preparation -

  1. For Soil Drenching & Foliar Application - 10 mL of Mittan Krishi Shakti + 1 litre of water + 2g jaggery (per 1 litre of water). Cover and store for 24 hours to activate the bacteria and then use.
  2. For Seed Treatment - Prepare the solution as per the dosage & then dip, soak (1-2 hours) and air dry the seeds in shade before sowing.  

Target Crops - Suitable for horticulture crops including fruits, vegetables, flowers, medicinal, tuber, plantation and cash crops.

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